Why a Strong Work Ethic is Essential in Construction

Here at Tri-Bay Construction, we have built a team that thrives on the values of a work ethic. While some may attribute it to the generation of our employees and partners, others recognize that it is a natural characteristic ingrained within us. We continually develop and rebuild our external team as well.
Over the past decade, Tri-Bay and its support teams have refused to follow “societal norms” and thrived on standing out as a company that “does things differently.”

We own any mistakes we do make and do not make you pay for them. We correct those mistakes as soon as they are recognized. We also acknowledge and admit that we can make mistakes (humanness) and learn something new every day. 

We have found in over thirty years in the construction industry that no one knows everything there is to know. If they say they do, we thank them for their vast knowledge and move away quickly. If we are not learning, we are not listening.

As we learn, we will teach. When we need help, we ask. When we hit a wall, we seek a new path. When wrong, we admit it and seek right. We have recently observed certain societal norms that we find hard to accept, and we believe such attitudes should not be tolerated. Nor should you!

We have had to turn down projects from clients who have big dreams but do not have the financing to back those dreams. We believe in supporting those who have a dream and wish them success.

However, we will not compromise that vision for profit by leading them down a path that would eventually shatter it. We have had to invoke contractual clauses because of signatures not being honored. We have faced individuals with such massive egos that they have attributed design flaws, substandard construction, and hollow sales pitches to us.

We have waited for permits from jurisdictions for months without them considering the effects on the Owners, businesses, or tenants who are depending on those spaces to make a living.

The saddest part of the last situation is that you and I are paying the salaries of those who can change the current situation but will not.

The attitude appears to be, “What is good enough for Congress is good enough for us! If they will not get anything accomplished, neither will we.”
The sadder part of that scenario is that we seem to accept that and justify it with things like, “Well, everyone is busy” or “That’s just the way it is.”
We can lament these experiences or find the best solutions available to work through these situations and maintain a positive work environment for all our clients, regular subcontractor partners, regular design team, and other support personnel we choose to surround ourselves with.
The past is unchangeable, and the future is unknown, but the present and what I do today will affect my future. We do not pass judgment on those who might be conformists, for that is a choice, and because of where we choose to live, we have options today.
Call it old-fashioned, outdated, out of vogue, not profitable enough, or any other description you wish. Tri-Bay Construction continues to operate with a work ethic and surrounds itself with those who share those values. A strong work ethic has brought us success in business and life, forging enduring relationships with exceptional individuals and companies that we are honored to be associated with.
The reward has been and continues to be priceless. “Any job worth doing is worth doing well!”
Leader or Lemming?

Prioritizing Dedication, Responsibility,
and Integrity in Business

If we told you about a company that embodies the following characteristics and consistently delivers top-quality work, how would you describe them in just two words?
  • Dedication
  • Disciplined
  • Productive
  • Dependable
  • Responsible
  • Fosters Teamwork
  • Professional
  • Integrity
We would say that
the company has a
strong work ethic.
Do you, personally, and the company you work for fit this description?

Typically, the companies that possess these qualities employ individuals who live by these principles and surround themselves with others who have the same. Unfortunately, what is more common, it seems, are individuals and businesses that are apathetic, unprofessional, procrastinate, miss deadlines, make excuses, have negative outlooks, and do not own their errors but rather blame others. With this type of environment in the business world, day-to-day operations and activities become more challenging for businesses with solid work ethics.

It would be easy to surrender to this condition. The old “if you can’t beat them, join them” cliché rears its head. Battling this attitude is another quality of a strong work ethic. This environment fosters creativity, innovation, improved communication skills, and proactive action for many. Surrendering to apathy makes the problem worse. No matter how difficult, perseverance brings rewards.

The reward is not always immediate, and one often experiences frustration, disappointment, and delays before attaining it. Ultimately, the payoff is the retention of reputation, personal satisfaction, client satisfaction, and the discovery of new relationships with those who share that strong work ethic. Maintaining a work ethic also can identify those who are not like-minded.

It might be worth asking ourselves (and perhaps doing so regularly):
Is there value in the following?
  • Having a solid work ethic?
  • Being honest?
  • Owning your mistakes?
  • Being on time?
  • Doing what you say you will do?
  • Acting professionally?
  • Looking professional?
  • Doing things right because it is the right thing to do?
  • Maintaining quality even when no one is looking?
We believe these actions have unparalleled value for our clients and each of us individually.
Clients will receive quality work and speak positively of their experience with us (priceless). Upon completion, we will depart with a sense of accomplishment and pride in our work, assured that we credit our team members for the project without any regrets or concerns.
The next question that may arise is, “Well, how much are these things worth?” Only the individual can provide an answer to that. The reality is that maintaining these qualities in today’s environment does cost more. Does the Iron Triangle of Business, good, fast, and cheap, exist?
We think not. Many will have you believing this or at least wanting to believe it. If you buy into this philosophy, beware! Cheap always costs more eventually; good is non-negotiable (would you knowingly choose low-quality work?), and fast is relative and subjective.
For example, building permits are not fast (for several reasons; can you say government efficiency?), design is not fast (without a plan, plan to fail), and while construction can be a lot of things, high quality, and right is far more desirable than fast.

What may have become “societal norms” post-pandemic (we seem to measure all things this way), we do not have to become a lemming (“a person who follows the will of others, especially in a mass movement, and heads straight into a situation or circumstance that is dangerous, stupid, or destructive”) and surrender to these characteristics. Maintaining a strong work ethic is possible even in the face of resistance and obstacles.

When you find businesses with a good work ethic, spread the word. Which beast will you feed today, knowing the one you nourish will thrive and grow? Do you stand out from the crowd and recognize the importance of a solid work ethic, or follow the herd like a lemming?

Customer Service During Difficult Times

The global pandemic threw the world into an unprecedented tailspin, so it’s no surprise that even stalwart industries like construction weren’t immune to radical change. The world is unrecognizable from what it once was.
Volcanic shifts have rocked industries like technology, communication, hospitality, sports medicine, and construction with new challenges – never before seen! Despite this unwelcome upheaval, there’s still hope for many in the industry as we slowly begin to move beyond these turbulent times and embrace long-awaited changes and breakthroughs in the construction industry.

In the midst of a pandemic, Tri-Bay Construction had to make some tough decisions – yet we stayed true to our values. We wanted to survive this difficult time and ensure that we gave our employees the necessary support they needed during these uncertain times. After all, family is at the heart of it all!

Working from home was nothing new to us, but we wanted to do more for our clients. After careful deliberation and a bit of business risk-taking, we decided that two wrongs don’t make a right – both milking the crisis or self-righteousness was out of the question! Our resolve is firm; let’s show them what customer service can truly look like in times like these.

Rather than cut corners to win projects, we focus on building strong relationships with clients. Our bids are tailored just for you; they provide the most effective methodology and a cost that’s reliable—so no nasty surprises! By doing so, our contractors set themselves apart from others in the industry who rely solely on low-bidding tactics that can lead to budget overruns down the line.

We’ve got your back throughout the project, right down to details that aren’t even on drawings. We believe in full transparency for all our customers; nothing is hidden or glossed over. For us, it’s not just about doing a job – we take the ‘life lived for others’ ethos of scientists seriously and strive to ensure every customer gets exactly what they need!

As you start a new year, may 2023 be full of success and an even greater profit! We strive to make your construction projects successful with our unwavering support.

Failure Leads to Success

In recent blogs, we have focused our discussion on some of our core values like trust, integrity, authenticity, transparency, loyalty, and respect. These core values have been the bedrock of our business, reliably carrying us through some turbulent times – from pandemics to unexpected circumstances.
At every fork in the road, we’re tested on how well we manage obstacles; showing resilience and selflessness as needed while being mindful that all decisions can affect others far beyond ourselves. Without a doubt, our ability to keep afloat in an ever-changing environment is only made possible by the solid core values we’ve established as pillars for success.
When building, money and relationships can often clash, it’s up to us which we prioritize – but consider that the choice could have long-lasting effects beyond our bottom line.

Let’s be honest – it might seem like money is king in the business world. Sure, many multi-million-dollar companies are celebrated for their success, but true victory isn’t just about how much you rake in; some people measure satisfaction by looking beyond what was earned at the bottom line and evaluating reputation instead.

When the Owner opened their business, was it with a mission in mind?

That could be key to understanding how they view their venture today! Money is undoubtedly a part of the equation because we all need to eat, but it is not the most important when measuring success for some.

Einstein said, “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda. Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success.”
At our company, we take great pride in having a satisfied customer base and measure success by the rave reviews they give after successful completion of projects.
We love it when clients choose to come back for more – because that’s when everyone from our estimators to subcontractors know they’ve done an outstanding job!
After all, if you do your best work on every project, then there will be profit no matter what.
It’s a rite of passage—nobody can be successful without making mistakes, and business owners are no exception. But success isn’t just about finding the right solutions; it’s also recognizing when we’ve gone wrong…and doing our best to make sure those same errors don’t occur twice! If something didn’t work out during one project, there’s no guarantee it’ll have better luck with an overhaul: change comes from actually changing what you do – not merely switching up your surroundings.
Tri-Bay Construction is taking a page out of Albert Einstein’s book. After all, who knew this famed genius had business advice as well? With eyes on the future and balance in mind, Tri-Bay will keep pedaling toward success through 2023!

Doing the Next Right Thing No Matter What!

What is the next right thing in construction?
  • Does your contractor answer your questions promptly and in a way you can understand (without expecting payment for answering questions)?
  • Does your contractor explain the entire procedure to you before you commit funds?
  • Are you fully aware of the detours and roadblocks that may occur from Design to Certificate of Occupancy?
  • Does your contractor tell you how much something might cost before it is fully designed? (Beware if they do)
  • Do you know the various contracts available before you agree on a project delivery method?
  • If your contractor “missed’ something in his estimate, does he try and charge you for his mistake?
  • Did you ever hear your contractor or their subcontractors say, “that’s good enough”? If you have, beware!
  • Do you receive “bad news” as fast as “good news” about your project?
  • Do you hear “that’s not my problem”? Or “Let’s find a solution.”
  • Does your contractor take responsibility for his errors if they appear after completing the project?
  • Does your contractor communicate discrepancies in plans that may cost you money later?

The above questions are some of the questions that we think constitute “doing the right thing.” It is not always easy to do any of the above, especially when it may be at the expense of profit or sometimes prevents the project from moving forward. At Tri-Bay Construction, we strive to ALWAYS do the right thing for our partners and clients, and not doing that compromises our core values.

Our most valuable assets are our professional consultants, designers, subcontractors, suppliers, and, equally important, our clients. Without any one of these components, we would not exist. Our partners, employees, families, and former and current clients allow us to persevere, rise again and transform Tri-Bay into a better and stronger firm. Some of our professional consultants who have guided us through the pandemic and afterward are integral components of our foundation.

While often unnamed and unseen, they provide expertise and perspective that sometimes forges the path forward. I would be remiss if I left out what is perhaps the most essential component and the basis of our core values, family. While the Tri-Bay “family” is vast, the Bay family is the heart of what makes this company thrive. Our extended Tri-Bay family members and our clients are the benefactors of the values ingrained in us for numerous generations.

We are the benefactors of the same values found in our extended family.
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