Put Your Best Foot Forward

Do you know what qualifications to look for in a Contractor when planning a new project?

There are many questions to ask, and asking the right questions will provide you with a much smoother process.

  • The first question is the Contractor licensed by the State of Florida? Does he/she have the proper license for your project? A licensee's information is a matter of public record and can be found on the Department of Business and Professional Regulation website: www.myfloridalicense.com. This website may also list any active complaints against the license holder.
  • Another critical question that can foretell what the project will be like throughout its duration is “Did the Contractor call you back promptly?”
  • Did the Contractor ask you questions about your project, or did he/she just tell you how good they are and what they can do?
  • Can the Contractor provide his last three client references? A good indication of what to expect if you hire this Contractor is whether or not his/her previous three clients would call them back to do another project. One person's experience with a contractor might not be the same as yours, but if all three references supply similar feedback, you can likely expect to have a similar experience.
We will continue to explore “What to Look for in A Contractor” and “What Questions to Ask” in future issues.
We will also explore the many steps required for a successful construction project before one gets to the project’s actual construction phase.