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Why Tri-Bay Construction?

Our corporate philosophy is framed around our slogan “Built to Last.” It is not an empty slogan but rather a work ethic that we live by. Our team stands by our work, and we perform our work without exception, putting our client’s best interest and their projects first. We can and will establish a relationship that is lasting and valued. What we promise we deliver. We never substitute quality in the name of speed or budget. When we put our name on a project, it remains there and represents our best quality work and your best value. “Your experience with us is our future.”

  • Best value for your investment
  • Quality team
  • Open communication
  • Realistic goals and solutions
  • Problem eliminators
  • Team mentality

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We provide our customers with the optimal facilities solution value, via
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We're More Than Your Average Construction Firm


With more than 60 years of experience, Tri-Bay Construction provides customers with quality commercial construction services.

Whether your job is simple or complex, we will offer a variety of options, honest scheduling, and estimates that are realistic based on our experience. Tri-Bay offers complete construction services for new construction, alterations, renovations, and tenant build-outs.


Tri-Bay Construction collaborates closely with our owners and architects to develop an innovative, efficient construction plan that defines the project goals, building performance requirements and delivers quality standards. This plan will then be fully communicated to the entire team and monitored throughout the project. From pre-construction to closeout, our team ensures proper checks and balances occur to deliver superior execution and delivery.


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The LEED Certification is a trademark protected rating system developed by the United States Green Building Council. It is a program of standards and certification for accreditation purposes. It is also a process requiring much administration and added cost to already increased costs for many materials and installation methods. Tri-Bay Construction can achieve highly energy-efficient and sustainable buildings and sites without the additional cost of “certification.” We will help you make a building as energy efficient as your budget allows. (Not sure how that sounds)

While the prestige of a “certified” building is appealing to many, the real advantage to a green building (sustainable) comes in the long term cost savings to the building’s owner. While prestige is important to some, it is often not worth the added time to the schedule or the additional administrative costs to others. We can achieve as much energy efficiency and sustainability as our clients desire. All options are laid out in the design phase of the project, thereby saving time and money in the long-term perspective of a construction project and eliminating many of the cost overruns that come with “named brand” products that have equivalents with equal efficiency. (Again not sure of the content or structure here).

The ultimate goal of every client is the creation of value – a maximum return on investment. Project quality, cost, and schedule are critical factors in determining value. Many contractors view these factors as diametrically opposed; that is, they believe quality is achieved only with higher cost and more time, or that fast-track construction requires the sacrifice of quality and cost.

Tri-Bay Construction generates value, based on the balance and optimization of quality, cost, experience, communication, stress during construction, and schedule. Tri-Bay Construction’s detailed time management protocol and meticulous procedures shorten construction time and lowers cost without reducing quality. Projects are delivered as promised without any “surprise” costs. Value is maximized, as is the return on investment for our clients.

Best value is the client’s ultimate goal; integrity and a steadfast dedication to performance is Tri-Bay Construction’s – every project, every time.

It is our mission to provide a safe and healthy work environment for everyone. This requires a commitment from all our employees to abide by the principles and beliefs outlined in our safety program and our mission statement. Only employees and contractors with the highest commitment to health and safety, environmental protection, and compliance are chosen to work for Tri-Bay Construction.

Proud of Our Work


Our clients are more than a bid for the lowest number; every project with Tri-Bay Construction begins and ends with our customers’ desire and best value as the primary focus. Tri-Bay Construction is synonymous with value, customer care, and product delivery. When we put our name on a project, we want it to remain on that project and be proud of our work. Other companies may “tell you the truth” when forced to do so. Tri-Bay is honest from beginning to end. We provide” Built to Last” quality and remain environmentally respectful.