When I bought a 6000 square foot building 4 years ago in order to “gut it” and build it out into an outpatient addiction/family medicine facility, I chose a good construction firm, and then I “lucked out” by getting Mark Bay as the supervising project manager. Needless to say, Mark and I spent countless hours together over the next 4 to 5 months. I found him to be beyond reproach in the areas of honesty, integrity, punctuality, and fairness. When problems came up during the building process (usually sub-contractors not fulfilling their obligations), Mark always negotiated a fair compromise. In the end, Mark Bay treated my money like it was his money throughout the building process and produced an awesome building. After the building was done, I left with a good relationship with Mark and have used Tri-Bay Construction several times since then. I don’t hear that much anymore when folks get done building (residential or commercial) and they use their general contractor again (and refer him to friends and associates).