The Tri-Bay Difference

There is a multitude of General Contractors out there, and the Construction Industry is highly competitive. How do you know if you have chosen the right one? Are you comparing apples to apples when reviewing proposals?
How do you know what is included in your potential contract if the proposal is scarce on details? If the “right one” for you is the lowest cost proposal you receive, you may find that the lowest cost comes with a plethora of issues that are the stress and frustration creators in any construction project.

The Tri-Bay Construction difference comes first with the transparency of items you will be required to do based on your current plans if you have plans. We will review your plans and provide a cost proposal to include any additional items required by Building Codes or further particulars based on our extensive building experience.

Our detailed proposals leave no stone unturned for you, the client.

The last thing you want to do is start the project with a costly change order because that item was not specifically itemized on your plans, and yet, is required. Once the project is launched, there are no hidden or latent add-ons. Unless you request a change or an unknown condition arises, we will not initiate change orders. We stand by the cost proposal we provided to you, and if we left something out that is needed, we will take responsibility and you will not pay for our omission or error.

Many business owners decide on a contractor based on price alone. A decision like this is usually costlier in the long run versus considering all other factors in that decision-making process.
In future issues, we will discuss the many pre-construction services we offer to make your project headache-free, the importance of a cohesive subcontractor base, and the Supervision and Management of a project required for all involved.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Do you know what qualifications to look for in a Contractor when planning a new project?

There are many questions to ask, and asking the right questions will provide you with a much smoother process.

  • The first question is the Contractor licensed by the State of Florida? Does he/she have the proper license for your project? A licensee's information is a matter of public record and can be found on the Department of Business and Professional Regulation website: This website may also list any active complaints against the license holder.
  • Another critical question that can foretell what the project will be like throughout its duration is “Did the Contractor call you back promptly?”
  • Did the Contractor ask you questions about your project, or did he/she just tell you how good they are and what they can do?
  • Can the Contractor provide his last three client references? A good indication of what to expect if you hire this Contractor is whether or not his/her previous three clients would call them back to do another project. One person's experience with a contractor might not be the same as yours, but if all three references supply similar feedback, you can likely expect to have a similar experience.
We will continue to explore “What to Look for in A Contractor” and “What Questions to Ask” in future issues.
We will also explore the many steps required for a successful construction project before one gets to the project’s actual construction phase.